Rack frame design

One of the most important parts of any shelving rack is the frame or shelving rack uprights from which it consists. The shelving rack’s total load capacity depends on them. They transfer all load to the floor and provide the stability of the shelving rack unit. For this reason, the shelving rack frame is the basic element of the shelving rack.

Frame design of VARIMO racks

VARIMO shelving rack system is also outstanding thanks to the well-designed upright that combines high strength with a lightweight construction. The profile of the upright is calculated so that it can be as narrow as possible, taking up the least amount of space and minimising the shelving rack’s use restrictions. Its construction is also strong enough to carry the required load.

The load capacity of the shelving racks has been verified at the State Testing Institute in Brno, where the load is verified at twice the nominated load capacity. Therefore, It’s clear and proven that it’s a highly stable shelving rack system, although it might not seem that way at the first glance due to its subtle design.

A VARIMO shelving rack upright consists of a hollow steel profile of approximately square shape with two front projections. Its cross section is slightly reminiscent of the letter "T". On the sides of the upright, there are rectangular holes in a 25 mm raster that are used to hold the crossbar shelves. The hole spacing also determine the height adjustability of the shelves. At the front of the upright, there are holes for the strengthening beam attachment and other shelving rack accessories.

The uprights are equipped with a cover on the upper end to prevent damage to their edges when storing on the top floor of the shelving rack. The lower end of the upright is set into a base which helps to distribute the load evenly into the floor. Depending on the required load capacity of the shelving rack, the base can be either plastic or metal.

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