Rack shelves design

Shelves are an important element of the shelving rack unit. Together with the frame, they form the supporting parts of the shelving rack structure. Shelves form a horizontal supporting surface where goods or other materials are stored, and therefore, there is a great emphasis is placed on their design, material and construction.

Shelf design of VARIMO racks

The biggest advantage of VARIMO shelving rack system shelves is that they are made-up of individual panels. Each panel has a three-fold edge at the bottom, which has a grid function and increases the stiffness and load capacity of the shelf. The transition between the panels within a single shelf doesn’t create any significant edges, so the upper side forms a continuous plane. Another notable advantage of VARIMO metal shelving racks is the shelf thickness, which is only 30 mm. Thanks to this, our shelving rack system achieves better shelving rack usability, because it’s possible to place more shelves in one upright above each other. With the same number of shelves, it also provides a greater spacing and a light dimension between the shelves.

The VARIMO shelving rack system shelf consist of two basic elements, i.e. a load-bearing crossbar shelf and a panel. One shelf is made up of two crossbar shelves that correspond to the depth of the shelving rack, and an appropriate amount of panels. The length of panels then indicate the length of the shelving rack upright.

The crossbar shelves provide shelf attachment in the shelving rack frame. The crossbar shelves design create a relatively complex shape, which must secure adjustable and firm connection with the frame, as well as provide a stable support for the panels. This is managed with suitably chosen material and sophisticated profiling of the crossbar shelf’s individual parts. The length of the crossbar shelf always corresponds to the depth of the shelf.

The panels provide a support surface for storing goods in the shelving rack. It’s produced in three widths (100, 200 and 300 mm) and the depth of the shelf is composed of the combination of these widths. Using the appropriate widths also achieves the required shelf load capacity. The panel lengths, which are also the length of the shelf itself, range from 550mm to 1500mm in a 150mm increments (except the last one, which is 200mm). This wide range of lengths allows for considerable variability when creating the shelving rack units. Thanks to their combination, it’s possible to satisfy any shelving rack system requirements in almost every space.

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