General overview

VARIMO is a professional shelving rack system characterised by quality workmanship, solid construction and variable layout. The shelving rack construction allows screw-less assembly while maintaining high strength and stability. VARIMO stands for metal shelving racks that adapt to virtually every customers archiving and storage needs.

General overview of VARIMO racks

A sophisticated shelving rack system that is well-used in many areas. It’s particularly suitable for the following purposes:

VARIMO is a versatile shelving rack system that is able to provide a suitable solution for optimising your warehouse management. VARIMO shelving racks contribute greatly to improving the supply and storage processes of different types of items by creating really suitable conditions for storing them.

The basic design of VARIMO metal shelving racks has a wide range of applications. Other shelving rack modification or extending them with appropriate accessories can adapt the arrangement of shelving racks tailored to the storage of a particular assortment, or it allows a variety of combinations of different types of goods that you need to store.

They suit for archiving corporate documentation perfectly, whether it’s stored freely, in files or archive boxes. They’re very serviceable in warehouses for products, packaged as well as stacked goods or spare parts. Museums and galleries can use these shelving racks in warehouses to store their collections, both in open and closed shelving rack units.

The use of VARIMO shelving racks in hotel and accommodation facilities and hospitals is also evaluated very positively and they also find great use in schools and educational facilities. VARIMO shelving racks can also be widely used in workshops, manufacturing and processing operations. Last but not least, these shelving racks can be used in households - most often in a store-room, cellar or they can help you finally bring some order to the garage and arrange everything clearly in a small space.

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