Basic specification

The basic specifications of VARIMO metal shelving racks are described with the structure design and individual elements of the shelving rack system. The information below can practically describe the material structure of VARIMO shelving rack system and its individual elements.

Basic specification of VARIMO racks

The professional shelving rack system has the following features: quality processing, rigid construction and variable layout. VARIMO shelving racks are made up of three basic elements: supporting frame, shelves and strengthening beams.

The shelving rack structure is designed for screw-less assembly, of course, while maintaining high stability.

Surface treatment - galvanisation - is made of a sufficiently thick zinc coating and guarantees excellent shelving rack properties, including long life, representative appearance and easy maintenance.

The undisputable advantages of the shelving racks includes the design of individual structure components:

VARIMO shelving racks are manufactured from certified steel and statically calculated profiles of individual components to secure declared shelving rack load capacity. By combining individual shelving rack parts, the required load capacity as well as the unit dimensions variability are achieved.

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