Design and localization of rack system

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us, so we joined the shelving racks sales to their production to make sure everything we deliver is top quality and tailored to your requirements. This is thanks to the fully automated production line and the related services we provide, such as consultation and processing the designs of your warehouses in the graphics editor.

Choose the right shelving rack to suit your needs

We realise how important it is for each business and tradesman to optimise their spending, so we approach each job individually with regard to the storage needs within your company. We can simply select and combine the appropriate shelf dimensions for the goods that you wish to store, thanks to this, unnecessary unused space is eliminated. For simplicity, we present an example from your experience: Our customer stored boxes 600 mm wide on the shelving rack and the shelves were 1000 mm wide. The boxes fit into the shelves just fine, but there was 400 mm of unnecessary unused space. A shelf that remains unmodified would therefore lose more than 40% of its utility value. That's what we're up against, we ask a few questions and then we come up with a solution that's tailored-made for you.

We are happy to advise you in finding the right storage solution.

What should be considered when choosing a shelving rack?

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