Rack dimensions

VARIMO shelving racks excel in dimensional variability. The shelving racks can be assembled in virtually any configuration, of course, with regard to modular dimensions. Within the same unit, it’s also possible to vary the height as well as the depth of the individual shelving rack uprights.

Dimensions of VARIMO racks

VARIMO metal shelving racks are available in these basic dimensional modules:

By combining the dimensions, we are able to comply with the requirements of the vast majority of customers and help them to solve their storage problems. Thanks to the use of appropriate shelf lengths, we will achieve the best possible use of the space in the entire length of the shelving rack unit. The units don’t have to have the same deep shelves all along their length. If the situation requires (for example, a narrowing around the upright or radiator) or based on a simple customer requirement, the shelf depth can be changed continuously. The possibility to change the height of the shelving rack and the number of shelves above each other in the individual uprights of the shelving rack unit is then a matter of course.

It should also be borne in mind that the dimensions are modular, i.e. rounded to the numbers which simplify the design creation of shelving rack units. The modular dimensions of VARIMO shelving racks help us to better understand the dimensions of each shelving rack component. When designing shelving rack units, it is, however, necessary to take into account the actual dimensions within the usable space so that the new shelving rack fits in the given space.

In a simple way, it can therefore be stated that the shelving rack unit is 18 mm longer (half the shelving rack upright width) at each end, and in each joint of the shelving rack unit the overall dimension increases by 5 mm. Also, the depth of VARIMO shelving rack is increased by the uprights overhang, which comes to 25 mm (for the entire shelving rack depth). For a better imagination of the described, you can download a file from the Documents to the download section with a clear description and display of the actual dimensions of VARIMO shelving racks.

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